03 June 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #23 -- Fasting

Is occasional fasting healthy?

Experts agree that fasting as a way to lose weight is not a good idea! Make sure you are consulting with a doctor before beginning any changes.

Many of you may know that Mike and I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As apart of our religious worship we fast once a month. When we fast we do not eat 2 meals that day and instead we give the money we would have spent on that food to the poor. Usually we set aside the first Sunday of every month as our day to fast. You would think that by skipping meals you would just be hungry all day but that is not really the case. You might be hungry initially, but once you get use to it you can really feel more receptive to spiritual things. Its sort of a mind over matter thing, or in this case spirit over body. We believe that fasting and prayer should always go together. Through fasting we can draw closer to our Father in Heaven, and even though we might be physically empty we are spiritually full. 
To learn more about what we believe visit Mormon.org

I know that when I go without food for two meals during a day I do get a little hungry but as I remember why I am fasting and I pray I am sustained and it really isn't very hard. 

In what ways do you most enjoy fasting?  Is fasting something you would like to try?

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