04 June 2012

How to Cook -- Corn on the Cob

Growing up in my house SUMMER meant corn! My dad would take us out to the boonies and pick up bags of locally grown sweet corn. It was amazing!

Now that I'm grown I still love it but was never quite sure just how to cook it. All I really knew was to boil it. I tried it a few times but was never too happy with my product.
Come to discover I was boiling it for FAR too long! Now I think I've got this down!

Step One: Get a pot large enough to fit all of your corn.
Step Two: Fill it with water.
Step Three: Add about 1/4 C. of sugar
Step Four: Drop in your CORN!
Step Five: Bring it to a boil
Step Six: Boil for 7-8 min or less
Step Seven: Remove from pot and let cool before buttering! 

This is seriously the most delicious thing known to MAN! Can you tell I love corn?

Next I think I want to try grilled corn.

They always have it at the State Fair and it's to die for!

Once we get a grill I'll have a good run-down of grilling corn for you. Until then... boiled up!

What do you do with your summertime corn?

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