05 June 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #25 -- Staying Social

Here's a secret, I'm a *social butterfly*. Maybe that's why I have a blog! :)

 This is me and my friends from freshman year. 
We still get together twice a year to catch up!

But is having a social life a good way to stay healthy?  YES! 

Not only is having a good network of friends and family a ton of fun but research shows that people who live a more solitude lifestyle are more likely to drink heavily, smoke and get less exercise!!

How do you improve your social life? Here are a few great ideas! 

1. Join a club or group: A book club, tennis groups, mommy and me play groups, etc can get you out with other people where you can find people who have similar interests.

2. Volunteer: Serving others is a great way to find some lifelong friends.

3. Church:  People who share the same beliefs tend to have better friendships. Look for people you can reach out to.

4. Create Small Talk: Talking to a stranger can seem daunting but even giving someone a compliment at the store or at the gym can give them a great boost and allow you to step out of the box!

5. Be Yourself: Step out of the box but don't be someone you're not. People want to see the genuine you! 

So today or tomorrow go out with a friend and grab some lunch or go on a walk! Allow yourself time to be with other adults!

What are you doing to increase your social health??

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  1. Good reminders! I think as women we especially need the social contact. Maybe more so for stay at home moms but I think it's mainly women in general. We really do function better when we take the time do interact with other women or adults!


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