05 June 2012

One SPOILED girl and an *amazing* refurbish!

So this last week has been.... *CRAZY*

My in-laws came into town and literally brought a TRUCKLOAD of furniture.

Lets back up here. Barbara, Mike's mom, is an antique dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. She has quite an eye for finding $13 dollar thrift store tables, flipping them and selling them for easily $160. She once took a lamp from $8 to $100. Can we say WOW?

Well now we had an unfurnished apartment and they have a truck. Put two and two together and we have a week of refinishing work ahead of us!

I'm going to reveal one piece at a time! I'd love to drag out this greatness because I can't get over how much I love these projects!

Here we go!

*Vanity Time*

My husband get super annoyed with my layer of make up on the bathroom counter after I get ready every morning. Plus we don't have a ton of counter space in our bathroom to begin with. 
Enter an amazing husband! MINE! 
He talked with his mom and they all surprised me with a vanity all to myself! 

this is the way they bought it. :)

Now once they got to Provo it was total refurb time!

First we removed all of the hardware and
spray painted those Rustoleum's Winter Gray.

The actual drawers were painted Heirloom White.

The frame and bulk of the piece was also painted the Winter Gray.
We just made sure we were getting all of the surfaces that would be seen.

As for the mirror we just covered it with paper
and sprayed it the same color as the drawers.

look at my cute little husband!
We put everything back together and roughed up the edges.
It's a great shabby chic piece and I love doing my hair and make-up at it!

What do you think? Are you ready to tackle your own vanity and give yourself a great pampering spot on a budget? 


  1. How fun! So excited to see the other pieces.

    1. Thanks I need to get all of my pics compiled! :) I feel like I'm in a new house!

  2. Great job! Love the color choice!

    1. Thank you! :) My MIL helped me pick them out. I was a little nervous about the two tone but I love it!

  3. This turned out amazing! Hurry and invite us over so we can see the rest!! :)

    1. Anytime sister! :) Head on over!

      P.S. Can't wait for this weekend!

  4. Kels, I love it! I have been wanting to redo our dresser forever. we started it but haven't finished it. only two drawers are painted. haha. ghetto me.. maybe I will get it finished this summer.

    1. We should work on it together! Let me know if you need any help! :)


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