08 June 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #28 -- Working Workout

This post is coming as an idea from my awesome sister!

Her given name is Amora, which is a name from the Philippines (where my dad served his mission) but growing up we called her Aimee so forgive me if I use them interchangeably. She lives in California so I don't get to see her often but we are always chatting online. It's really nice to get to talk with her and she's always ready to read my blog which makes my day!

 I haven't seen her since my wedding! :(

She works in insurance and is sitting at a desk most of the day but always makes a determined effort to do simple exercises while working. Talk about a multitasker!

Here are some ideas:


- Sitting up straight to help strengthen your back and abs.
- Many people sit on exercise balls which strengthen your core.
- Simple leg stretches can help keep you loose and reduce stress.
- Amora has a resistance band at her desk that she attaches to her chair and does simple leg exercises!

She was kind enough to snap a couple quick pics! 

Around the office:
- Walk the long way
- Hand deliver something

While shopping:
- When standing in line stand on one leg for 30 seconds and then switch.
- Balance on the balls of your feet and then down as a calf workout.
- Grab a hand basket if possible instead of a cart to work on those arms.

Thanks Aimee for the inspiration for this post! I know I need to be doing a lot of these things while sitting at my desk!

So readers, weigh in on what you do to stay fit while staying busy? 

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  1. My kids laugh at me because randomly I'll just start doing like 30 jumping jacks! Or when I have to go up and down my stairs sometimes I'll do it twice to get a little bit more exercise here and there!


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