01 June 2012

Sponsored Post - Keaton Soap Co.

Today we have an amazing sponsored post! All opinions are 100% mine.

Keaton Soap Co. is a great mother-daughter duo offering a great variety of wonderful soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, body butters and creams and a ton more!

Since they sent me some products they have added a few more to their shop! I am itching to use up my last bar so I can try something new!

Here are the gems of the Keaton Soap Co.:

Lets start out with the Pumpkin Spice Bar they sent me! First of all after showing my husband a pic of the soap he said, "That looks so good, I might eat it!"
And look at it, can you really blame him?


When it came I ripped open the package to see the cutest little wrapped up delight! 

That burlap with the best label known to man?! All tied up with string - (these are a few of my favorite things)! Sorry I had to throw that in! 

 This little label was so nice. I love everything it says and the words to describe this bad are perfect! Scrumptious! Delicious!

Now back to the great benefits of this bar!

Lets point out the ribbed side and the side where you can literally see AND feel the spice. They are not kidding when they say this is a great exfoliating bar! WOW!

I can't believe I haven't mentioned the scent yet! It's so great! Holiday in a bar is an understatement! I just wish that great scent could stay with me all day.


Now on to the Peppermint Foot Soak -- EEEK! It's so great!

This can also be a bath soak but being 6'4" I don't really fit into a lot of baths so is went into our foot spa and the magic began! This was after a particularly draining day at work so it was perfect. 

The scent.... was magnificent! The blend of peppermint and vanilla was perfect and I could smell it throughout my soak and even after!

I think that the ladies over at Keaton Soap Co. have really figured things out!

After I finished my soak Mike decided to try it out. Needless to say I had to coax him out of it. :) I think next time I'll be getting Mike some of the men's scented foot soak

Here are the other Keaton Soap Co. items that I am bursting to buy:

They have a section for Masculine Soaps -- Father's Day ANYONE??  
I really want to get Mike the Salted Sandalwood Bar - doesn't that just sound like it would smell great. Plus, once again I know Mike would love the exfoliating properties of the bar! Oh and it also comes in a soak too!

Did I already mention that these bars look and sound amazing? Oh I did? Well I'm saying it again! Check out this Chocolate Covered Cherry Bar. I could take a bite out of that any day!

I could keep going on about all of these great products but this will be my last on. (for today!) In their fruity selections they have a Pearberry Bar. I personally LOVE pears and I'm so curious to find out what this one will be like!

Now go check out Keaton Soap Co. and come tell me what products are your favorites!

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  1. Oh my. Can I just say that I adore you? And I love your blog! I'm going to have to try these soaps!

  2. Well thanks a ton! I really recommend these. I can't get over how great they are! :) Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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