06 June 2012

WIWW - Black and Brown?

I've never really been one for thinking outside the fashion box. I was always told that black and brown can NEVER go together.

But then I got thinking... what about leopard print? That's black and brown to the moon!
So out shopping one day I ended up buying a leopard print skirt which is very out of my comfort zone but I'm LOVING it!

skirt and cardigan: TJMaxx  Undershirt: DownEast
Necklace and earrings: Sam Moon  

Now what to pair with it? I went all out with the black and brown. A black undershirt and a brown flowing cardigan. I added my gold and black feathered necklace and gold hoops. 

What do we think?


  1. I think it looks great! I think fashion should be a bit more about what's comfortable and is pleasing to your eye! But this is coming from someone who is outdated and not fashionable!

    1. Julia- You are pretty dang fashionable but I agree completely!

  2. Oh Oh Oh, Ok, I really really want to see you wear a RED with this next time, Or a Nice baby blue, or white always works.

  3. That is a dang good idea! You know me and venturing outside the box! :) But I think red would look great...except I don't own any red! ha


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