28 October 2012

BYU vs. Georgia Tech [plus tons of family!]

I've been home for about 5 hours and I feel like I'm still walking through the airport or cramped on a plane but this trip was soo worth it!

First of all I was so excited to have my parents coming with me for this trip. It made my [flight anxiety] tons better! (We'll talk about flight anxiety another day!)

early mornings for football travel!

We headed to the airport 
with surprisingly happy faces. 

 super happy to be with them!

Once we finally got to Atlanta, Lars' dad was so kind to come pick us up and drive us all the way to Montgomery to see Candi and help at her neighborhood Halloween carnival. She is a RoCkStAr and helped organize an event that 100+ people attended!
I finally got to see Candi's beautiful house and it's always so nice to really be able to know where they are living!
Candi always has cute gifts for 
whoever stays at her house!

The next morning we went to Toby's and Trey's soccer games. Both boys played great while JK and I ran around together in the chilly weather.
We jumped back in the cars right after the game and went straight to Atlanta. 

The whole week before the game every one was telling me to go to the Varsity... it's basically an old, very iconic place in downtown Atlanta. They serve good food with EXTRA grease. The line was soooo long so we didn't stay but it seemed like quite the place. 

The game was so much fun! Everyone showed up to play and we took it to the Yellow Jackets! 

I love watching that man warm up!

Family + Football = my dream!

 ready to play! 

 just taking someone down!

 great victory smiles!

 everyone loved seeing 'uncle Mike' after the game!

Especially me!

my flight home was fun meeting up with other football parents and fans. 
but I just had to through this in...

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