31 October 2012

Halloween 2012

Mike and I decided not to do anything last Halloween. It's tough to get him to dress up, especially this time of year when all he wants to do with his spare time is sleep.

This year our best friends were having a party that we HAD to go to! We love them to bits and we knew it would be a fun time.

We thought of costumes for WEEKS! Here were the top ones:
1- Bikers
2- Hershey Bars (with nuts and without)
3- Fred and Wilma Flinstone 
4- Vampire and Victim

Last minute we decided to go with Vampire and Victim! I was the Vamp and Mike was the victim. :)

 Notice all he had to do was some bite marks...
and I went all out. :) 

  The Folsom's party was a blast! We had some fun games and some gross games. Luckily my gag reflex held in for the whole night. Trust me, you would have been worried too!

Happy Halloween! 
Good luck with your costumes and have a safe, fun night!

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