20 October 2012

Fall Wreath

I know I should have done this about 3 weeks ago but it's been a bit crazy around here in the Yeck home.

This weekend is my project weekend, to find out why, click here!

This fall wreath cost me less than 4 dollars and took me less than 30 min. Now that is my kind of DIY.

Here is what you need:

Foam board (this will be where the poster board is at) Dollar Store!
Fake leaves - also from the Dollar Store!
Hot Glue Gun

Start my measuring how big you want it to be. Mine is 14" by 12". The smaller square is 2 inches smaller in every direction. So the wreath will be 2 inches wide.

Once you have your foam board cut out just start hot gluing on leaves in every direction!

I had to take a mid point picture becuase I was talking to Mike while gluing and I needed a good reason to have burned myself. He loves it!

excuse the awful pic, it was a mid-call snapshot.

Once you've made it around keep adding more on top so it looks full and there are NO white spots!

Soon enough, more like 10 min., you'll have your fun and easy fall wreath! You can add ribbon to hang it or just the wreath!

So go out and grab a few things to make a wreath and then head home, turn on the BYU vs. Notre Dame football game and get crafting!

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  1. Cuuuute Kels! That is such a good idea. I need to start crafting every weekend. -Lachelle 'Unga


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