19 October 2012

the drop-off...

If you are a follower of my blog and you haven't heard of some of my  
{football wife woes} then you aren't reading enough!

Just to be clear, I LOVE football and everything that it's given us. It's a different lifestyle and with that comes a lot of challenges. Football isn't just sitting on your couch screaming at the TV. For us it's [blood, sweat, and tears] on a daily basis. When I say everything revolves around football I'm not really kidding. Food, clothes, date night, temple visits, school, family, vacations, holidays ..... the list goes on. I know it's only a small part of our lives, just like college, so we are living it up!

 Love my man in his uniform!

Today was the first time of the season that I had to take Mike to the airport and leave him without me going to the game too! The moment I pull up is always the hardest because I always want "just one more kiss". He's always ready to get in there and on the plane, plus he knows that is he doesn't go my "one more"s will turn in to hundreds!
As I thought about our [newlywed life] and how much I love him, I got sad thinking about spending the night alone.
It never gets easy...

Mike kept saying that I should be a pro at this after last season. No such luck, it's just as hard!

Every time I drop him off I call my mom and talk to her as I drive down the saddest looking road away from the Provo Municipal Airport. It's such a long road that I know that as long as I can distract myself until I'm off that road then I won't get too sad.  It worked again today...

I've been planning out my weekend and decided it's filled with home improvement projects! So yes, faithful readers, you can look forward to a fun project post after this weekend!
Just the perfect distraction!

As I'm writing this post, Mike just called me to day they {landed safely}. My mind is just that much more at peace knowing that he's safely there. 

Have I mentioned that he's my favorite??

So here is to another day of saying "see you soon" to Mike and watching the game from my couch tomorrow. Go Cougars!

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  1. Amen sister! It was hard having him leave on the first away game that I won't see him either! I gotta get crafting :) -Lachelle 'Unga


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