10 October 2012

[new semster woes, worries, and WOWs]

Say hello to the worlds worst blogger! I'm not going to even try to say that I'll be back for good because with how life is right now there is a really good chance that I won't be.

 Photo credit: Tammy Hawkins Photography

 1st year photo!

Mike and I are deep into the semester. We both have full loads and are just trying to stay afloat! (hence my blog has taken the hit!)

In case you are just jumping into the Yeck life, here is the basic run down:

I am a barely 20-something wife and student. I have a crazy schedule with 2 jobs and attending school full-time. I'm studying Psychology and until about 2 weeks ago I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with that. More than anything I want to be a mom and sooner rather than later so that didn't give me much motivation for grad school. I learned about a capstone that works with mediation. I can be certified right after school so work with court cases in the mediation process. I'm super excited because I'll be able to have my 'mommy cake' and eat it all too!
My jobs are both amazing - and time consuming. I work on campus as an office assistant in the Retail Dining department, which is a lot of fun. I'm also a consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists! This is where my love is at right now!
R+F has given me so many amazing opportunities. Even with my busy schedule I'm bringing is a nice income that helps support Mike and I. I'm looking forward to when I'm done with school and can spend more time focusing on this! If you or anyone you know is looking for a supplemental or replacement income by working at home, please contact me here.

Mike is studying Exercise Science and hopes to go on to Physical Therapy school. Now that he's finally decided, the little planner in me is already looking at schools and I may have my heart set on Alabama. Mike served an LDS mission there for 2 years and LOVED that area. I'm pushing for it because my sweet sister, Candi, lives there and I would love to have more time with her!
Mike is deep into football and sometimes it kills me to see him come home so banged up and broken. :( He's a strong man to put up with all of that and dedicate so much time and energy to that team. He loves his teammates and playing the game.
A few weeks ago Mike had an MRI on his shoulder...
yes I just said MRI. I was a worried wifey as we waited to see. Even though we were pretty sure what the problem was I still just get antsy about things like that.
Our suspicious were correct - Mike has a posterior labrum tear. He can still play and function (with a lot of pain) but we're thinking about surgery in January. We'll see!

 I have to have my 'Yeck' swag!

Mike's parents at the first game of the year!

At the Boise State game. It was so fun being at home and watching the Cougs play!

 Love when the cousins come down! Looking forward to this next year!

We love our ward and are both serving in the youth programs. It's so fun to see these young people learning about the gospel. I love the look when someone has a spiritual experience about their Savior, Jesus Christ. Being about to share my testimony with them is one of my greatest joys!

From school to work to football to church and everything in between I have to say that most days my life is a total train wreck but Mike and I say, almost everyday, that the only thing getting us through is the promise that we'll get to cuddle together every night! It's what keeps me motivated and pushing through.

 I love this guy more than anything else! He's my everything - everyday!

With hopes for a good semester,
the Yecks

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