16 November 2012

Car Troubles...LOAFBW

First of all, I'm hoping and praying that this post doesn't come off super whiny but I really am so frustrated! In the year and a half that Mike and I have been married we've had car trouble 4 times! Not only is that frustrating but every single time it's happened when Mike's away at a game.
One time I even lost my brakes...completely! WHILE DRIVING!!!

We sure to love this truck - stay with us buddy!

So here is my question to the universe... Why does it always happen to me and NEVER while my husband is driving?

Ok, now that I've blown off a little steam... There are a few things that helped me in my time of need.
 - Parents that won't think your crazy when you're crying over car trouble and they help you realize that it's more than car trouble that's got you down.
 - Parents-in-law that aren't annoyed when you just hand the phone to the guy at the auto parts store because you can't figure out what anyone's talking about.
 - Friends (fellow wives) that give you a call and invite you to go to the temple together since we're both husband-less.
 - A trip to the temple where I can forget about everything else and be in the most peaceful place ever!

I was pretty down in the dumps thinking about how this all came crashing down today. But how can I so quickly start feeling bad for myself after yesterday's post about how grateful I am for everything I've been given! I was quickly reminded of all my blessings today.

So thank you to everyone who helped make my day a little bit better! This will just turn out to be another tale in the Life of a Football Wife - LOAFBW (can I make that something??)

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