21 November 2012

1st Time Car Shopping

This [Black Friday] we won't be hitting the stores at 5 am but we will be hitting the car dealerships at around 9. Tonight Mike and I finally made it to a dealership and found a car that we both REALLY like!

I had my list of requirements:
1- Mike's 6'8" body has to be comfortable. 
2- We have to be able to fit a car seat behind the drivers seat while Mike's pushed all the way back. (no, this is not an announcement but we're planning on having this car for a while!)
3- No older that a 2006
4- Less than 80,000 miles

We found one that has EVERYTHING!

These are some AMAZING add ons: 
- It's a crossover/small SUV.
- It has a 3rd row, just in case I get triplets on the first go around! :) 
- When the 3rd row is folded down we can haul more than we ever would have been able to with a sedan so we're not losing one of the best things about having a truck.

So hopefully we get this car and can end our car woes!

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  1. I knew that vehicle was so perfect for you guys! Good thing we saw it on the list :) Congrats again and great blog!


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