06 November 2012

Election Day - [So thankful]


I just want to say that I has a great time at the polls today. It didn't take too long and at the end I got to exercise one of the greatest rights that we as {Americans} have.
No matter who you vote for or where your state stands you have the privilege and obligation to head to the polls and VOTE!

The lines seemed long but they weren't that bad! It went quickly. 
I'm personally very excited to see if there are going to be changes in the white house!

Years ago we fought for the [right to vote] and then later we fought for ALL MEN and WOMEN to have the same right. I'm so grateful for those people! I'm grateful that I was born in a place and time when my vote counts and is respected. I try hard not to take that for granted and my way of showing my respect and love for those people is by voting today!

I'm happy to say that I exercised my right today and it felt good! Being a participator in democracy will never be a regretted action.

You can't complain about what decisions are made by elected officials if you didn't vote!

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