25 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

While having a less than conventional Thanksgiving dinner Mike and I were talking about what Thanksgiving meant at our houses growing up. We definitely have different homes and traditions.

My family counted on everything my mom made and I'm pretty positive we would have [raised a revolt] if she'd forgot to make something. --Mom, I'm sorry for all that pressure, it couldn't have been easy.-- Her yams are what we loved the most and the first time I had to eat yams with marshmallows on top, like the rest of the world, *I think I had a panic attack*. We even made her make 2 pans because Natalie and I would have been devastated if we had to eat the pecans she put on top, something I've grown out of but I'd bet Mom did it again this year with Nat in town. --Love you sister!--

Mike's family was a bit different. Barbara put a lot of time and effort in making dinner but Mike says they changed it up sometimes. Trying new recipes and adventuring. Mike has fond memories of one year he and Bill took off on a 3 day hike on Thanksgiving. Barbara was probably happy she didn't have to cook for the family, can you imagine a year off? Sounds nice! I can imagine the amazing decor that would fill the Yeck home.

I'm grateful for the differences in the way we grew up and what we'll bring to our family. I can't wait for the traditions we'll make and I think I'm already looking forward to the adventure Mike will take with our boys while I relax at home

This year Mike and I had dinner at Tucanos. It was a little different but it was fun and actually probably saved us money in the long run. 

I loved watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade but the National Dog Show after was even better. Made me want a puppy soooo bad! 

This is my favorite puppy pic: 

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