16 December 2012

Finals Week - Hell Week!

If you've ever been to college you know that this last week is both the BEST and the WORST!

You are SO excited to just be done with classes and you're SO stressed and frustrated at the review sessions, confusing professors last lectures, and scheduling your tests. 

You know you didn't try your hardest when you have to calculate the lowest grade you can get and still pass the class. Uh.... it's true, but I wish it wasn't.

I only wish the glasses actually made me smarter!

I was so excited to be done with test and studying but I pulled through for my last test and did so well! 

 Heading to my last test!

On our last day I went to return my books and try to get as much money back as possible. Usually it's a ridiculously low amount but this year was a bit different. I got back $150!


I stopped by my office and my boss gave me the first Christmas gift of the season! 
She's so sweet! It was a beautiful necklace and I love it!

We pushed through finals and got prepped for a great BIRTHDAY celebration that my hubby worked so hard on and the bowl game. More on all of that later!

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