18 December 2012

Happy Birthday to ME! - {21}

Today is my 21st BIRTHDAY!

I always get raised eyebrows when people hear how young I am. But here I am, turning 21. 

So since we are currently in San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl game Mike decided to celebrate with me a little bit early.

On Saturday our festivities began! 

Mike hides notes around the house for sometimes so for my birthday he sent me on a scavenger hunt to find my gift. 
I finally found it! Mike knows how much I love Willow Tree so he got this one for me. 
Perfect for our time of life! 

Mike made me breakfast in bed and it was delicious! 
He's quite the cook! 

Then all the sudden someone knocked at the door and Mike went to answer it. 
It was a man with the cutest puppy ever!

We decided to name this little fur ball "Ralphie". 
He was only with us for two hours but he was so cute! Look at his sleepy little eyes!

After this little guy left we get ready and headed up to Salt Lake.
We walked around City Creek and got dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! 

It was so good!
Now for as long as I can remember I always chose to go to look at Christmas lights on my birthday. 
Just the props of having a birthday near Christmas. 

Mike continues to make this a reality for me every year at the lights on Temple Square.
It was perfect! 

This guy did so much to make my birthday AMAZING! 
And that was just part one! 

We arrived in San Diego on Sunday and got settled today, the 17th, so we celebrated my birthday again - but BYU football bowl game style. 

Mike had practice this morning so I worked out at the gym with other wifeys and relaxed while getting ready! No class to hurry off to!

A wife from the team stopped by our hotel room to give me a cute card and three decadent cupcakes!


Once Mike got home it was off the Sea World!

We loved the penguins!

And the barking Sea Lions!

But I think our fav was the dolphins! They are amazing! 

So after Sea World we went to dinner with a bunch of couples from the team. 

Joe's Crab Shack was suggested...maybe a bit morbid after going to Sea World?? 
Anyway, we got this funny pic out of the deal.

Joe's wasn't what we thought it would be.
The food was ok and the service was really spotty. Come on Joe!

My birthday was amazing! Every part of it - I'm sure we'll be celebrating again when we get to Boise with my family. If there is one thing my mom taught me about birthdays it's that you should drag them out as long as possible!

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