29 January 2013

5 things about ME!

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM @kelseyyeck then you saw my post today. 
The insta- world has been a buzz with a post where you say 5 things about yourself that people might not know and then tag 5 more people to do it.

Well my cousin tagged me yesterday, so this morning I thought I better get on that post. 
Then I thought, lets post it on this little blog of mine and expand.

1- I cry a little every time Mike has to leave. #footballwife (My lovely readers have probably read more about that here.)

2- I swore I wasn't going to get married when I started at BYU, 6 months later I was engaged. #eatmywords (I just posted about Mike and I meeting, check out the time that changed my life)

3- I never wanted kids, to the point where I was scared to hold me nieces and nephews, now I'm super baby hungry! #baby

4- my house burning down was probably one of the best things that could have happened. #lifechanger (I had to write a paper about my life and a huge chunk includes that- you can read it here.)

5- I'm finally losing some weight and I've never felt better! #iworkoutat6m (Check out my progress!)

For you luckies, I'll post a couple more!

6- the girl in those pictures never would have imagined that her life would turn out like this! #somuchbetter I was pretty sure I would never be this happy!

7- I have mini anxiety attacks and Mike has to bring me back to reality sometimes. #itkindascaresme I just get a weird feeling and that makes me panic.

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  1. New reader! I love these! You have such a cute blog. I swore i wasn't going to get married period. no really. And then I was engaged by 18. Never say never! excited to read more!


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