25 January 2013

my fight with a girl at the gym

If you've missed my posts about losing weight and getting healthy, you should check them out!

I've been going to the gym ever morning at 6 am. It's hard but I feel good. I'm strengthening my knees and getting to the point where I can run again without a ton of pain.

So on Tuesday I was running on the treadmill when a girl came up and said she was signed up for that treadmill and asked me to get off. (There are a few machines that people can 'reserve' on a sign up sheet) I was a little surprised that she asked me that when there was 3 OPEN treadmills next to me. Trying to be nice I got off and ended my workout.

I went over to these sign-up sheets and saw that her name wasn't on it. There wasn't anyone signed up at all. Needless to say I was pretty frustrated that she decided to lie and interrupt my workout to get the machine that she wanted.

I chose to be the bigger person and leave. A part of me wanted to grab her by the hair and pull her off!

So the next day, on Wednesday, I was back at the gym and when they opened the desk at 6 am the girl on the other side was struggling to push the gate up. So I helped her. Once it was up I realized it was the same girl. Again, I decided to be nice. I entered my number and got my wristband.

Once in the gym I was again, on the treadmill when she came in to do a wristband check. They do it everyday and it's never a big deal. I looked to see who yelled something, realized it was a check and put my wrist in the air so she could see. That's what everyone does.

She decides to come over to me and accuse me of being rude and threaten to take away my gym privileges. I asked her what I did and she just said I was being rude to employees. WHAT??? REALLLY????? 

I was super pissed! She interrupts my workout again to do this! I kept running and said, "I'm rude? Next time you take a treadmill from someone, make sure you're signed up for it." She insisted she was and I said she wasn't. So she goes over to look and comes back to say, "Well I though yesterday was Monday." She said it like it was my fault. Not like she was sorry or even said, "my mistake." So my simple reply was, "Apology accepted."

To finish me off she left by again threatening my gym privileges. 

I am super annoyed by this girl! I mean really? She works there and is that rude about things. I could have gone up the day she kicked me off and been a really big jerk. I just let it go and let her have her precious machine.

Who does that??


  1. Rude! You need to tell her supervisor or the manager. That is not ok. I would beat her up for you if I was there!!
    Maybe consider another gym? I know it's not free and you are a student, but you don't have to deal with petty crap like that. Most people are respectful and there to work out, not cause drama. :)

    1. I would try a different gym but I don't want to give her the satisfaction of me leaving that gym! What to do, what to do!

  2. Is it a corporation? Even if it isn't, write to either corporate with a cc: to the gym manager, or directly to the manager or owner of the gym.

    You're not being a bitch; you are protecting your SERVICE that you are due. You are paying for the service, one way or another. If no one says anything, the manager or whoever, can't do anything about it. AND DON'T FEEL BAD! That's giving that chick all the power. Oh, and don't beat her up, either :)



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