15 February 2013

Don't Hate on Valentine's Day

Happy Day After Valentine's Day! 

Sorry, I know I'm a little late on the post but hey, who was reading last night anyway?? 

First of all, let me just say, it makes me sad when people hate on Valentine's Day. I mean, yes you can call it *Single Awareness Day* but if you have someone to be with on Valentines then don't hate on it saying that it's a silly day and we should show our love every other day. 

Yes, it's true we should love every other day but sometimes it's nice that the world says, "Hey, spread a little extra love today! Yes, we'll jack up flower prices but that's okay because when it's all said and done, it's just nice to make the love a little more special, public, mushy, etc. Whatever you want!" 

So the Yeck's had some extra love today. It wasn't anything too huge but it meant a ton! and if you follow me on insta, then you've already seen most of this. @kelseyyeck

Mike started his day at football workouts (like everyday!) However, this time he had a surprise! Yep, personalized cookie and brownie. A lineman's dream! ;)

We had lots of school and work and I'm pretty sure my feet were killing me by 10 min in but Mike came and picked me up for lunch. We hit up some Kneaders! YUM! Don't worry, I skipped on the oh-so-tempting desserts because this chick is down 12 pounds and not ruining this hard work!

Mike is usually in charge of <decorating the house> for V-Day because he's really good at it and I'm always stuck at work later than him. So while he needed some extra time to finish up I bought him his Valentine's gift.

Yep, supplements! Like I said on insta, you know you're a football wife when you're gifting supplements.

Once I made it home and relaxed for about 10 seconds we headed to our COUPLES MASSAGE!!! 
This was the moment I'd been waiting for all day! My feet were killing me and I was so excited! We went to be best little place. They run it out of their house and it's super fun. It was a little odd because it's in the middle of a neighborhood but that allows them to keep prices down! $55 each for 90 min. That is a steal!

This pic is black and white because they rubbed my head and my hair felt super oily!

So we hit a quick dinner and came home to see the surprise that was waiting behind our door. Mike lit 30+ candles and had them arranged so it didn't feel like a seance in our room! It was perfect. We danced to our song and talked about all the great milestones in our relationship. Like out *first Valentine's Day*! 

Needless to say it was a great night! I love that we got a chance to push the world out for a while and take some EXTRA special time for each other. I love you babe, thanks for making my last 3 Valentine's AMAZING!

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