05 February 2013

There is only One Tree Hill

***Be prepared for the cheesiest, most dramatic post EVER!***

I just finished the series finale of One Tree Hill. I bawled through the last 3 episodes. Maybe that's because I'm going through some tough stuff right now or maybe it's because seeing the ending of that show is like seeing the end of an era. For me and for them.

"Somebody told me that this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe."

Trust me, I know how *cheesy* and *embarrassing* this is but I think my past deserves this. And in true One Tree Hill fashion this will be a little bit of an over dramatic post.

For me, One Tree Hill was more than a dramatic TV show. One Tree Hill was a life line. Through my darkest days and my toughest hours OTH was there when no one else was. It was there when I couldn't make it through the day and sometimes through the night.
High school was an interesting time for me but it was also a time filled with regrets and hardship that no 17 year old should have to endure. I watched as people I loved hurt me and as I hurt myself. My family was always there but as a teenager, they weren't the people I wanted help from.

So I spend many days and many nights watching the lives of the teenagers from Tree Hill.

*I watched when Haley had someone as great as Lucas.* 
*I watched Nathan and Lucas hate each other and I watched them learn to love each other.*
*I watched Peyton and Brooke lose loves and always have each other.*
*I watched Haley walk away from Nathan and find her way back home.*
*I watched Kieth die and trust me I cried.*
*I watched Lucas make that game winning shot and I loved the kiss between him and Peyton.*

"When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It's you"

Meanwhile in my life, well things were pretty tough, including my boyfriend going to jail, my basketball career ending much sooner than I planned, and the loss of myself.

When I felt like my life was too tough to get through I turned to them. I lived through them so I wouldn't have to face what I was going through.

They came with me to college and, while much less frequently, they were there when I wanted a day for nothingness. My husband learned to love them and mainly deal with them.

So this week, while wishing I wasn't dealing with all that I am, I turned to my old friends and watched them close a chapter that I loved. This was me closing the door on a chapter in my life too. Moving on and growing up is inevitable, I'm so glad I got to do it with them.

"And when you find yourself lost in the darkness and despair  remember it's only in the black of night you see the stars"

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