03 February 2013

The Gym Hates Me!

Most of you have probably read my post about my fight with a girl at the gym. If you haven't then please, head on over. It's a funny one. 

So this week at the gym, I was working out when I noticed a girl trying to fix a piece of weight lifting equipment that someone had broken. I got up to help her, which may have been my first mistake. (Dang, why am I so nice at the gym?) 

It was a leg press machine and if you've ever used weight machines then you know that you have to put a pin in to the desired weight. Well some idiot decided to lift the weight up and put the pin up through the hole that the pole goes down. Does that make sense? So we had to lift about 60 lbs up and try to pull the pin out. While I'm lifting the weights up the other girl is working on the pin. Then all of the sudden, the top falls down and hits me right in the head. Now this isn't a machine that uses cables to go down the pullies and attach to the weight, this one was all metal, no pullies. It killed!

It hit me right behind the ear. My head was ringing so I grabbed my bag and headed for the showers. After my shower I texted Mike and went over to where he works out. He came right out after and pulled me in to the football trainer who did a concussion test. He was pretty surprised by the dent/bump on my head and  I was a little shady on a couple of things so he said it was just a minor concussion but that I might have some of the post concussion side effects.

So here I am with two of the worst weeks possible for gym experiences. I could be discouraged and think I shouldn't go back. Or I could go right back like I did yesterday and workout harder than ever and be down 9 pounds. That's right, down 9! 

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