26 March 2013

Easter Egg Ideas

Who doesn't *LOVE* getting out a bunch of dye with a bunch of kids and having them play in it with CRACKABLE eggs!

Here are some of my favorite Easter Egg Decor Ideas:

1. Sprinkled Eggs from Studio DIY

2. Golden Marbled Eggs from She Knows

3. Decoupage Eggs from DIzzYmaiden

4. Message Eggs by PoppyTalk

5. Glitter Stickers via Family Circle

6. Create Any Pattern from Martha Stewart

7. Rubber Band Designs by Chocolate Shavings

8. Polka Dot Eggs via La Receta de la Felicidad

9. Rhinestone Eggs {Source Unknown}

10. Scratch Eggs by Blog Me Mom

What are you doing this Easter  Honestly, with my family coming into town we might just hide some baskets. Or maybe bust out the rubber band one! It looks way too cute and easy!

Happy EASTER! 

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