22 March 2013

Pet Peeve Time!

So here's to today. It's a *pet peeve* kinda day.
-Provo is snowing and I'm ready for Spring. The Wasatch Front likes to get a bit bipolar this time of the year. It will be sunny and happy and then dump as late as June. WHY!?!
-Work is a bit out of control and I am out of my allotted 20 hours per week so I'm just trying to not work but be available if anyone needs anything. 
It's just been a blah day so I figured today would be a good day to share one of my biggest pet peeves and one that drives me NUTS! 

{WARNING:} If you are going to get offended, just stop reading now.

It absolutely makes me crazy when people have their Profile Picture on any social media platform something other than a picture of themselves.
I mean, if you're doing it for security reasons and you don't want people to see your picture then that might be one thing (why are you on FB or Twitter or Insta in the first place?) but the people who just have it as a picture of ONLY their kid or dog or house or anything else, please change it!

Some of my past Profile Pictures

Have it be you with your kids.
Have it be a 10 year old wedding photo. (but lets be honest, you don't look the same.)
Or a 20 year old yearbook photo (and you definitely don't look the same!)
but just have it be of you!

If I'm wanting to connect with you, I want to know it's you and not have guess if that's what your newest cat looks like.

This is the furthest I've gone to a pic that's not of me. 
And I really am in the pic - just as a wolf.

Best wishes for a happier Friday than I'm having!

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