01 March 2013

Rebecka Lefoll Photography

I know I say this every time but I had an awesome time designing Rebecka's Photography blog. I absolutely love when my work can bring me a new friend and I think that happened for Rebecka and me.

You can check her out at: RebeckaLefollPhotography.blogspot.com

She already had a great branding started with the bee. I was so impressed that she knew exactly what she wanted. All I did was help her make it happen! 

Drop-down menus are my favorite things. It gives a very custom look to blog. I love her categories. It breaks everything up so it's super easy for everyone to navigate! 

I love that this pic has "Business" highlighted because when I went through her pics these are some of my favorites. 


I would love for her to do business photos. 
Displaying this on your company website would be amazing! Such a professional look! 

One day, while wokring on Rebecka's blog, I checked my email to see I had one for her. We hadn't addressed anything like this before so it was a change of pace for my design. 

"Ok this is the last email I'll send you today, promise! haha I am Mormon and would really love a 'We Believe' section."

I loved this! She knows now she can never send me too many email! But more importantly, I love that she is also a Latter-Day Saint. 

I made this cute button which links to a page where she talks about her faith and what it means to her.
Not all bloggers talk about their faith but it's something I enjoy referencing when I get the chance. I was so pleased to see that she wants to make her beliefs available for other to read.

Thanks so much Rebecka! It was a blast getting to know you and working on your blog design!
Keep up the great work!

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