24 February 2013

A Boise Weekend! {Lots of Pics and a RECIPE}

All we need is 2 days to have an amazing trip to Boise, Idaho!

We stumbled upon this place- clearly a classy place.

Our drive was great! We got away at a really good time and we were in Boise by 5:30.
My mom made my ultimate comfort food! Macaroni and Tomatoes. Most people would probably think it's crazy but it's always been a part of home. So here's the recipe:
Macaroni and Tomatoes

  • Large Shell Pasta
  • Home-bottled Whole Tomatoes
  • Dash of Sugar
  • Butter
  • Salt and Pepper to taste 

    1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain.
    2. Heat bottle of tomatoes and lightly sugar. 
    3. Add pasta.
    4. Butter and salt and pepper to taste.
    This is probably one of the most simple things to make but my mom will always make it better than me. It's weird and I'm pretty sure Mike thinks we're a little crazy but he's a good sport. It's always on the list for mom to make when we go home.

    One of my best friends from high school got home from him mission about a month ago. I hadn't seen him in two years! So he came over on Friday night. It was a blast from the past!
    In the past two years I got married and that's something he probably thought would never happen. I felt like we were back in high school again. Hanging in my basement. This is a pic from our sophomore year in high school. He could jump right over me. 6'4" me.

    So Saturday came and we went to my sweet nieces basketball game. Watching 7 year old play is so fun!

    Mike's been a little under the weather so we took him home to get some sleep. Here we are. Mike knocked out and me trying to sleep too - with no success! Poor guy, when he gets sick, he gets really sick! 

    That night we went to my old high school for the dinner theater that I preformed in for 3 years. It was a blast!

    My awesome parents got us tickets and made it all possible!

    Love this guy and I love that I can share a piece of my past with him through these events!

    It was a late night but so worth it! Sunday, before church, I was walking around our house and I found these pictures.

    We had the first taken years ago. I'm pretty sure it was at a JCPenny photo gallery. Oh, how far we've come. The second was taken this summer in Boise. We were all laughing so hard! :)

    We're kinda crazy sometimes during church. But I love that my mom will have tons of fun with me.
    The girl in the car with us is Caitlin and she's kinda been another sister. We've gone to church together for a really long time and she's tons of fun!

    We headed home and I joked about stopping to take a picture at this sign. To my surprise Mike pulled over. It was a bit windy and he looks 1 million times better than me! Sad day.

    So now we're home and dreading the start of another week! Ugh!


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