11 July 2013

Family Reunion - Kanab 2013

Every year my family heads to southern Utah for a Glover Family reunion. It's always a blast when family gets together! 

On our way to Kanab, we passed this awesome sign. 77 Miles to Kanab.  This sign is just for the Yeck's! 

My immediate family was able to stay together this year and we loved it! 
We planned adventures including Zion National Park!
This area is so beautiful! The red rock is something everyone needs to experience! 

We were sad we had to leave early but the rest of the fam had a 
lot of fun at Lake Powell and for the 4th of July. 


  1. I was just thinking that you're lucky you both were tall enough to reach that high on the sign! Not many of us could do that =). Happy two years!

    1. It was quite a stretch! Thanks a ton beautiful, I miss you tons!


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