01 January 2014

Bowl Game 2013

We had an awesome time in San Francisco for the bowl game this year! It was a beautiful location with so many fun things to do!
The shopping was fantastic! Being right in Union Square meant that we were in the heart of San Francisco and could experience the best of the best!
Monday was a fun day with sight seeing while Mike was practicing.
I met him for the excursion to Alcatraz! So powerful to walk around one of the more infamous prisons!
Pier 39 was a must see! It was so fun and busy with Christmas cheer!
We ate at an awesome restaurant and filled up on seafood! 
 The view was beautiful every direction we looked! I couldn't stop snapping pictures!
 Christmas Eve was interesting! Luckily we had some time to be together and we used it!
My cousin invite us to a dinner party with his friends and it was so nice to be outside the hotel and restaurants during the holidays!
Christmas morning we work up feeling really weird. With not many family members around we didn't know what to think... so we opened stockings and Mike headed to serve food to the needy in the Bay Area! It was a great experience and he really enjoyed being able to help others!
Our loneliness was remedied with Mike's family arriving! Laura and I headed off too the wharf to explore. 
 The day before the game, there is always a banquet where both teams come together and the bowl initiative is talked about and the teams are highlighted. It's was a really fun event! 
 Later that night we were off to the fireside where, for the first time, the wives were asked to participate by singing! I was in charge of putting it together and I'm so happy to say it went well! 
We were a little crazy by this time...
 I even got the Yeck family to agree to take pictures! Mission ACCOMPLISHED!
We couldn't pass up the fun lights at the Oakland Temple!
Speaking of Oakland Temple.... on game day we headed to the temple!
Off to the game we went and while it wasn't the outcome we'd hoped for, it was fun to be there. Enjoying San Francisco was worth giving up our holidays. It was a Christmas we'll never forget!

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