07 January 2014


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So I'm taking a family life class on cross-cultural family and human development. I was really nervous to start this class because I've heard bad things about classes like this from other people, mainly at other universities. 

I have a secret, I'm not very "PC".... and I'm traditionally of the opinion that if people want to be treated the same, we should treat them the same. So all of that made me wonder if I was going to do well in this class.

Day one down and I'm feeling 1 million kagillion times better. 

We talked today about a healing presence. We asked who in our home was a healing presence and for me, it was Candi. My oldest sister has a way of making you feel like you're the most important thing in the world. No matter what, when you're talking to her, she's 100% yours. 
So how can a healing presence relate to that class? Well what if we all had a healing spirit for all around us? What if we could reach out and help those who need, even by a kind word? 

When we accept others we cultivate less hate in the world. That term "accept" had me wondering for a while. I feel that I can easily accept people as equals and sons and daughters of Heavenly Father. I can accept forgiveness and made mistakes. But sometimes I can't accept certain behavior, done willingly and without remorse. Does that make me a bad person? 

We went on in class to talk about caring for others. If I care as much about others as I do about myself, I can be accepting. I know that I can care for others, regardless of their choices, I can care. I may not love what they do but I can care

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