05 February 2014

SFL Journal #6

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I'm a woman, and I don't think I can do everything a man can do.... 
So I'm kinda not in love with the idea of feminism. It's a really hard concept for me because I feel like radical feminists really want to take away the things that make men and women different. They sound like they want to make women just like men. So I'm a woman and I'm happy I can't do everything a man can do. 

And if you ask my other half, he's very happy I feel that way and he's VERY happy he can't do everything a woman can do! 

So lets talk about some things.... 
"Women are more nurturing" - yeah, so what? That doesn't mean that men can't be nurturing or aren't nurturing. Women just have an easier time showing that or expressing love and a nurturing attitude. 
"Men are stronger than women" - I'm pretty strong but I love that my husband is stronger. Men are built to carry more muscle. It's biological. Women carry more fat because our bodies have to be able to carry children so we don't show as much muscle. You'll still see women obsessed with muscle tone and body building and can I just say, they look GROSS

There are a million other things that I could talk about but the moral of the story is, I'm ok being different from men. That doesn't mean that women shouldn't have equal rights and can't do things that men do, it just mean that being proud to be a woman doesn't mean you have to be the same as a man. 

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