25 March 2014

New Friends-More Memories

This weekend we had a blast! It was crazy and fun and included some new adventures that I wish I would have taken pictures of.

Our good friend from football is getting married but his fiance is living in California until the big day. So we haven't had a chance to meet her but we've been texting a bit to talk about the Wives Club and all of that fun.

Well she came into town this week and it was so fun to meet her! I picked her up from the airport while the boys were at practice and we had quite the adventure. She's lost her nose ring so we went looking for a tattoo shop. We actually have quite a few in Provo, who knew?! It was fun and we were laughing the whole time.

Off to practice we went and turns out it was the coaches clinic. So the field was packed. I'd like to believe that we fit in well but I don't think we did.

Then it was off to dinner with the soon-to-be Durans and the Dawes. We ate so much, it was ridiculous! So we decided we should probably work it off at Nickle City, the nicklecade. If you haven't been, you're missing out. It's so much fun to just pretend you're a kid and play stupid games.  Plus, they run on nickles so no breaking the bank!

 I love this guy and the baby cow I made him hold in his pocket.
This bunch is going to have a blast this year. GO COUGS!! 
We just need to get Brooke some BYU gear! 

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