13 March 2014

SFL Journal #9

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We learned about Latin America and it was REALLY interesting! 2 things I found really interesting were:

1- Machismo: Positive- defending women & daughters & sisters. They view this as their role.
                   Negative - abuse and infidelity are very common in men who identify with this role.
2- Marianismo: A view of women as semi-divine.

These two concepts, one for men and one for women are essential for the development of the families. I don't think that I really understand it in the same way and it's something that is more a tradition and passed down as important because of the roots of those in the families.

This is a culture that I am exposed to more due to our proximity to Mexico and there is more influence in the US from Latin America. I've learned however, that there is so much that I don't understand.

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