16 April 2014

Christina's Cookin' Up Crafts {Blog Design}

Our church's women's organization had a Service Auction recently with fake money and services provided by attendees. It was a very fun event full of laughter, friendship, and lots of awesome items to offer.
We had items ranging from babysitting and hair services to gourmet meals and hand made baby shoes! I personally won a hair appointment (which I took advantage of today!!).

I auctioned off a couple of things, including a blog design which was redeemed by my new friend Christina!

This woman is awesome! A new mom, homeowner/home-renovator, dance instructor at BYU and all around super woman! So I had the pleasure of designing her blog, check it out because Christina is sure Cookin Up fun!

Head over to Christina's Cookin' Up Crafts for more of the fun she's sharing! 

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