30 April 2014

Texas Trip 2014

This trip to Texas may have been my favorite so far! I'm not sure why, maybe because of the final exams we left behind but I do know I've grown much closer to my in-laws lately and it's been so much fun!

So we made it to Texas on Tuesday night after our fun on the Frontrunner and airports. I'm happy to say our travel to Texas went off without a hitch!
Wednesday brought the beginning of our sad couple of days. After years of fighting good long battles, the Yeck's decided to put down 3 of their 5 labs. Mike was especially sad to see Strider go - after 15 years together they we're still best friends.
Michael spent most of the day digging a grave for the three to be buried together. It was hard work in the Texas dirt but it was good for him to be apart of that.
Thursday morning we gave the dogs one last good meal and took them to the vet. I think the vets office was even struggling as they watched one family bring in three dogs. It was really hard but I'm glad I was able to be there with Mike and his dad. The vet's office was great and we appreciate their sensitivity and caring approach.

Our Texas trip continued with a trip to Legoland with Millie
We loved singing along to Frozen in the car while Bill and Mike analyzed the movie!
 And a ride on the carousel where Millie wanted to go faster and faster and I almost lost my dinner with all the spinning.
The next day it was off to Snooty Pig for the best blueberry muffin ever! Seriously, best thing I've ever eaten!
 And a quick road trip to Ranger, Texas! Look it up, it's a quaint little town with a small collage that Mike's sister Laura works at. I'm sad I didn't get any pictures because you would have enjoyed it! But here's any empty bottle of Cheerwine which is a delightful drink that can only be purchased in a few places, mainly in the south! Try it... love it!
Friday, this bunch headed off to Rock Hill. Glenrose, TX to be exact but Millie calls it Rock Hill. The 15 passenger van made this trip even better! 
 Some time in the sun and a little water fun!
Around the corner we found the FarmHouse, our home for the night!
 This place had all kinds of animals and I even tried to beg the man to let me ride the horse. 
Even after explaining that I grew up with horses he assured me that his insurance wouldn't allow it. Understandable.... I guess. :( 
There was hammock time complete with reading a book, for pleasure, not school!!! 
And a little bit of craziness
We finished our fun filled day off with a perfect fire and some snuggle time with Baby Preston - the newest Yeck family member.  
Our journey to Rock Hill was a success and I would love to go back someday. To check out all of the arrangement options at Country Woods and see my review, visit this TripAdvisor link.

We finished up our trip with some awesome restaurants! Seriously, these trips surround so much food!

Keller has this little donut shop and it's amazing! Seriously, Barbara always has them when we wake up the first and last morning of our trip. We love their breakfast version of pigs in a blanket. I think the term pigs in a blanket doesn't do it justice because they're just amazing!

We love to visit restaurants that have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It's an awesome show on the food network, it makes you so hungry! So we went to Chef's Point - the 5 star gas station. A chef decided to put a 5 star restaurant in a gas station. It used to be just that, mainly gas station with a bit of a sit down place. Now it's expanded and it's mainly a restaurant, expanded to more space and adding a fancy patio, which I think makes it lose some of it's appeal. The food was great, especially the What Nots, an appetizer to die for! Crab filled, cheese stuffed mushrooms! It was an awesome place to eat, and hey, it's in a gas station.
Babe's, where do I start with Babe's? It's a county restaurant with two things on the menu: Fried Chicken and Chicken Fried Steak. Since they've only focused on that, they've perfected it! It does come with mashed potatoes and gravy and the greatest corn known to man! and biscuits. This is easily my favorite place to eat in Texas!
We had a blast in Texas and didn't want to come home but it's nice to be back in our place. I'm working full time and Mike's working out, has an internship, and working. We're super busy but having fun and excited for more adventures this summer!  


  1. Love it! But glad you are home, we have missed y'all!!!

    1. We missed you too! Can't wait to have fun this weekend with you guys!


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