05 May 2014

Love It -- List It -- HATE Them!

Michael and I have started watching a little bit more HGTV!
We really like "Love It or List It" because it combines a little home renovation and listing for other homes. In case you haven't seen the show, the basic run down goes like this: A couple needs a different home so Hilary renovates their current home to fit their needs and David looks for other homes for them to move in. It's fun to talk about what we would do, love their home or buy the other one.

I only have one issue.... the home owners!! I swear they pick the most unreasonable people to be on this show. They refuse to listen to the professionals and end up getting mad at them when they can't do what they want on a limited budget. That's what happens when you have a budget. You can't have a mansion with $300,000 so stop expecting them to make it happen.

Plus, they never want to leave their neighborhood. So they want updates, modern homes, in older neighborhoods with $0. Get over it, you can't have EVERYTHING!

I swear after watching this show I'll be reasonable when it comes to having a home. Plus, I'm very grateful for our DIY attitude when it comes to home projects and Mike's skills that are begging to break through in our apartment.

Anyway, I had to just vent a little bit about Love It or List It. We love the show and accept that some people are just crazy! :)


  1. Chad and I were saying the SAME thing last night! They are soooo rude! I love the show, but man be reasonable. There finally was one decent couple on last night from the parts we saw.

  2. I love the nice couples. All we want is someone reasonable, is that too much to ask?? :) Glad you love the show too!

    1. Exactly! I feel like we would be reasonable if we were on there. haha

    2. We would be! They just need to ask us. I'm available!


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