06 June 2014

what a week.....

WOW! This week has been crazy.... crazy and BLESSED!
So here is the breakdown:

Sunday: Wake-up in Highland, drive South to Provo for church, drive North (past Highland) up to Layton for dinner with Mike's Aunt and Uncle, then back to Highland.
Monday: 5am Wake-up in Highland, Work/Football, Drs. Appointment, Pick car up from shop, Swim Party
Tuesday: 5am Wake-up in Highland,Work/Football, Church Activity, MRI
Wednesday: Work/Football, Back Specialist (and this is where it gets fun!) So after the meeting with the specialist we were so grateful they were able to nail down what the problem is. Mike has a herniated disk in his back....
We scheduled an epidural for Mike. It was for Thursday after work -- PERFECT!
So I got back to work and suddenly get a call that we have to go to the hospital right away because we can't do it on Thursday and they're booked for Friday.
We knew it needed and wanted it to happen ASAP to help Mike with the pain so I rushed to pick him up and get to the hospital in Orem. Meanwhile, our car starts doing what we just paid a bunch to get fixed.
I was ill-prepared for an epidural. For some reason I was planning on a simple, easy shot in his back. I mean, I know what an epidural is but I wasn't expecting the whole hospital sign-these-so-you-won't-sue-us forms. It was our very first hospital experience since we've been married. There will be a few more in our future one Mike retires from football but I'm glad this was our first. It was simple and fairly stress-free for me. :)
Thursday: Mike was hurting like crazy after having them stick big, long needles in his back. He toughed it out though, he's quite the guy! Our car goes back in the shop and we're paying for a rental.
Friday: We're READY for a weekend! Waiting for the cortisone to fully take effect will be interesting. I'm excited for him to be pain-free!! (at least in his back).....

This week tuckered us both out! I'm ready for a break and even though it only lasts 2 days, it will be glorious!

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