23 June 2014

Michael Yeck Day

I need to catch-up on the fun we've been having! After our week from the underworld, we had a really fun time celebrating a holiday no one else cares about. Unless you're a serious BYU fan and even then, you wouldn't care that the 13th of June was Michael Yeck Day.
Yep, we were 77 days till kick off and since it's our last season I decided to celebrate. I mean, how many Mike Yeck days will we get?

Mike had workouts and I had work so we didn't really talk much but little did he know, I was scheming all day!
Jackie decorated the door and left some goodies while Mike was home. She was very sneaky! ;)

We decided to go to dinner and "kind of" surprise Mike. We had a blast and he only kinda figured it out.
Our friends took full advantage! I'm not sure what we would do without them! They've made our time here so special and we're dreading that we have to leave...eventually. With fall camp starting in just a few weeks, this might be the last time we get together before he's MIA for a while.

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