30 December 2014

Miami Beach Bowl

We just finished up the Miami Beach Bowl which completes our BYU Football experience.
To say this location was beautiful is a complete understatement! The warmth and trees and beach... oh we just didn't know how to handle it all! Somehow we managed! 
We started at the beach and we didn't even care that we both have WILD hair so now you get to enjoy it! *You're welcome*
Our most fun times were definitely at night enjoying the beach. We loved getting close to the water, making a little castle fort and seeing how long it would survive before the water overcame us.

Now it's not a bowl game without checking out the local eats and we really found our Miami Beach favorites! 
Starting off at Pizza Rustica on Lincoln Street - at the heart of Miami Beach! It's a fun area that has everything you need from shops to food and everything in between. 
Yes, we went back again the next day... and with no guilt.
So thankful for this girl! Michelle made the bowl so much more fun. 

Nothing like some shopping....
including the Kardashian's store -- DASH

Mike and I picked one night to go out on our own and have a really nice date night.
It was beautiful to walk along the beach and enjoy each other and the scenery.
We visited Bellini and had some delicious seafood linguine. I was in foodie heaven!

What better way to spend our last day than by the pool??
I submit that there is not! :)
Lunch and (virgin) drink by the pool. 

As we headed to the fireside we couldn't help snagging a picture by this BYU Christmas tree.
We loved that Loews Miami Beach Hotel did everything up for us.
It was a little emotional seeing Michael participate in his last ever fireside.
The firesides have always been my favorite part. Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is always an important part of the mission of BYU football and I love seeing our football family share their message and wonderful experiences with those around them.

The boys headed to the stadium to check out Marlins Park where they'll be playing the next day! 
I love these guys so much! Of course my favorite is there in the bottom right but really these guys have been such an important part of our life.

Game day was here and we were very excited to watch the cougars!
While the outcome was not what we expected or hoped for we all walked away very proud of the way our team fought. Going to OT twice made for a very exciting game!

I still can't believe I watched Mike play for the last time. Shouldn't we be prepping for another season? Nope, not for us. Now it's off to Texas for Christmas and then back to Provo! 

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