09 January 2015

Christmas Vacation 2014

After we finished up out fun at the MIAMI BEACH BOWL we climbed into the car and began our 20 hour journey to Keller, Texas, Mike's home town.
What made this even better? A stop in Alabama to see my sister and as a bonus, my parents were there visiting her!
It was so good to see them and especially so close to Christmas! I don't know when the last time was I saw Candi at Christmas!
After a good little "nap" and breakfast we drove to Bessemer to visit Mike's mission. I loved seeing one of the areas he served in.
We finally got to Keller and it was so nice to see the house all decorated and of course the family!
 We played plenty of cards, our favorite game, Nertz!
 Every time I come to Texas I have my list of places we have to eat. Texas really does have a lot of my favorite placed that you can't find in Provo. I think Texans love donuts because there is a donut shop on every corner. We figured we deserved a sausage roll, or 3 from our favorite shop.
Michael really enjoyed having a backyard to putter around in. He helped clean it up, built a fire pit and we all enjoyed it.
On the 31st, we rang in the new year with Caspian, the friendliest of the kitties. He didn't think we were as funny as we did.
I can't go to Texas and not visit a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives location. We chose North Main BBQ and it did not disappoint.
A Children's Museum visit complete with planetarium show.
 To say that Laura and I laughed this trip is an understatement. This was taken while grandma was yelling at us because we were laughing too loud, which made us laugh even harder.
This is Dave and Rebecca Smith. Dave was Michael's Young Mens leader when he was a teen. They have recently been called to serve as Mission President in the New York New York North Mission. We were able to visit them and chat about everything going on and it was one of my favorite nights! I am so excited for them and all the wonderful things they will do while serving the Lord in New York. I am also SUPER excited to be designing their mission blog so you'll here more about them later. 
Finally, because you need something to laugh at.... 
While heading to a favorite Keller mexican restaurant, Kassandras, I ate it and ate it hard! 
We had such a wonderful time celebrating the holidays in Keller with Mike's family. Now, it's home for Michael's shoulder surgeries. 

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