29 January 2016

Our [AMAZING] Doctor

I mentioned in a previous post how much we love our doctor. In fact, after that post, people reached out and asked a few questions about him.
  1. Why do we love him so much? 
    • Dr. Johnson was so kind. He understood on both a professional and personal level what we were dealing with. I was never worried about asking questions and requesting additional services. 
    • At one appointment a few months ago, I met with him and then had blood drawn in his office by a nurse. He left the room and said he'd meet me in the ultrasound room. When we were ready to move rooms, we passed his office. When I glanced into his office I saw he was sitting with his head on his desk, obviously not feeling well. I asked the nurse if he was ok and she said he had a migraine and had cancelled all of his other appointments but didn't want us to lose the opportunity this month. He'd been sick and ready to go home but stayed until he could see me to ensure we didn't lose any chances of getting pregnant. 
      • I've had doctors that have let me pass out in their office without doing anything, who've ignored my concerns, and canceled plenty of appointments. For me, this was going above and beyond. 
  2. What did he do to help us more than others?
    • He threw my medical records out the window (metaphorically). After everything we've done and all our doctors, we are more than versed in the treatments, tests, etc.  Dr. Johnson didn't want to hear about things that happened 3 years ago because it had probably changed and treating based on old information is wrong. He also helped me understand that a lot of doctors have "preferred" causes and treatments. So they only test for specific things and often don't have the whole picture. 
      • A perfect example of this is 2 years ago when we believed I was ovulating perfectly but just not producing enough hormones. WRONG! 
    • So he started testing from the beginning. He offered no treatments until we were sure what was happening. It may have seemed frustrating to not have treatments thrown my way, but he was on point and we trusted him. 
  3. Is he accepting new patients? 
    • I believe so, however, this may have changed. Call Tanner Clinic at 801.773.4865 to schedule an appointment. 
It also helps that his office looks like a spa. I wish there was a better pic but this was the best their website had - maybe I'll snag another when I go for a visit next week. 

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