09 February 2016

We're Pregnant!

Hey, guess what... we're pregnant!
After my post about our treatment success and the waiting game to find if everything came together ok, I was so nervous! We weren't supposed to test until the 9th of December. However, I took a test on the Saturday before and it was negative. I was sad and mad that I'd like myself get my hopes up. After all, this was our first round of treatments.

We'd accepted that it would work eventually and were ready to try again in January. So when the 9th came, I decided just to take another test for the heck of it. I peed on that little stick and then jumped in the shower. I'd almost forgotten about it when I got out. So a quick glance confirmed the negative... wait no, there is a SECOND line!
I was shocked. I just stared at it for a while convincing myself it was real. Yep, positive is positive no matter how light the line. I ran to get my phone and called Mike, he was already at work so I told him to walk away from everything so we could talk. I quickly told him we were pregnant and we were both in complete disbelief! I hated telling him over the phone but I was dying and couldn't go all day. 

It was so hard to get ready and go to work. I called the doctor on the way to the office and they got me in on the following Monday. (Have I talked about how much I love my doctor?). I'm pretty sure I took 10 tests between then and my appointment. We had our levels checked on that Friday and everything came back great! Complete shock doesn't begin to describe things! It's been a whirlwind since then and you'll get an update of the last 12 weeks soon. 


  1. KELSEY!!!!!! I am like crying over here!! I could not be happier for you two! Congratulations! Love you both! (Kaitlin Lanham)

    1. Thanks so much Kaitlin! We're so excited and feel so blessed. It's been a journey to get here but we're so happy.


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