17 February 2016

Weeks 1-13

We've already talked about finding out we were pregnant. So I guess this really starts at week 4.

Week 4: the day before we found out, I was super emotional. I came home from work one day and just started crying (like bawling) because of how much I love Bama's jowls. His big, droopy, puppy jowls. At this time I told Mike, maybe I am pregnant. He just told me I was being CRAZY and that we knew I wasn't. I think it was 2 days later I took the test.
Week 5: This is when the boobs kicked in and decided they wanted some attention. And by attention I mean zero touching, hugging, even looking at them and it was game over. This was not Mike's favorite time.

Week 6: We told our families at Christmas. It was still really early but even then we felt really confident that it would work out. For my family, we had Bama wear a bandana that said, "Mom and Dad are getting me a human! August 2016". For the Yecks, we shipped shirts to the cousins that said, "I'm getting a Yeck cousin! August 2016". Everyone was so excited!!
Week 7: This was when we found out there was only 1 Yeck baby in there. Yep, we had two eggs develop and release so there was a decent chance they would both fertilize and we'd have twins! It was crazy exciting but we were very relieved we'll only have one baby to focus on. 
Week 8: I really started getting sick here. It wasn't terrible but if I didn't eat ASAP when I woke up, we were in for some issues. It was interesting getting used to especially when I would leave for work without eating and end up on the side of the road puking.

Week 9: DREAMS, DREAMS, LOTS of DREAMS! Not all fun dreams - this was when I started having dreams about miscarrying. Each time a different dream but always the same outcome. This was a really hard time. I always wanted to go to the doctor to check things out. Mike was a huge support as he always is. 

Week 10: This is when I really started to notice how dang tired I was. I kept thinking I was fine and could push through but I'd keep passing out at about 7:30 while Mike was finishing an episode of Supernatural or a game. 

Week 11: I always had to have food with me and at Stake Conference (a larger church meeting) I think most of our ward started to figure things out. I was eating crackers and sipping water the whole time and was getting some cute looks and smiles. Our doctor was also called into the Stake Presidency in this meeting. Mike kept joking that we'll call him president in the delivery room. 

Week 12: This was fun! We were so excited to have made it this far and we got an awesome video of our little baby. Mike missed the doctor's appointment so I took a video so I could share it with him. 
Week 13: We were so excited to be able to ANNOUNCE. We have always felt so supported by family and friends so being able to finally share this news with them was amazing. We felt so blessed by the outpouring of love and congratulations. As far as how I'm feeling, I'm getting over the nausea and I love that I was able to stop taking the meds. We love how modern medicine helped us care for this baby at such and early stage but being able to know my body would do it's own work was so wonderful. 

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