22 July 2016

*BEST OF* Pregnany Apps

First thing I did when I found out I was pregnant? Call my husband.
Second? Download about 1 million pregnancy apps!
So here is my list of the best pregnancy apps.

OVIA - This one is my #1. I LOVED their fertility app and it was an easy transition to the pregnancy app which I loved even more!

The Fun Stuff
I loved the size tracker. You can see the approximate size of your little one in various comparisons - Fruit or Vegetable, Bakery Item, Animal, and Fun & Games. Michael loved when Judd was similar in size to a video game controller.
And seeing that hand grow -- it's my favorite part!
The Practical Stuff
MOST HELPFUL: Food Safety Look-Up
This puppy was the best! I was always concerned that I'd eat something I should steer clear of and it's hard when you're at a restaurant and looking at a menu. This was my lifesaver.
It also helped that it told me WHY the food was unsafe. For example, the guideline to avoid soft cheese is only important because SOME soft cheese is unpasteurized. However, these days, many restaurants only carry pasteurized products. So you can ask, make sure, and eat away!

Baby Center
I like that you can go ahead or jump back to any week. It's nice when I'm interested in what's to come.

The "It is safe" feature is nice. There are many categories that can provide info to ease a pregnant momma's mind.

The Bump
I really liked this app for it's cute interface. The baby sizing is really fun and easy to switch weeks and see how baby will grow from week to week.

Other than that, the app doesn't do a lot for me. The articles are posted in more of a feed style so navigating to relevant topics is harder.

What to Expect
This app wasn't GREAT, but I did like the "My Week" section. It made it easy to switch between weeks so I can see what's ahead if I want.

Pregnancy ++
The best part about this app was the images.

Baby Bump
This app was probably my least favorite. It provided little to shout about as far as user experience. Which, if navigating through your app isn't enjoyable, I won't be staying long.

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