20 February 2012

Life is busy, don't let love lose!

As I look at the life of most people my age I see girls dating and having fun with roommates. I do all of that too but maybe a little bit differently. My dates are all with the same sexy man and he doubles as my roommate.
Michael and I got married about 9 months ago on July 7th, 2011.

We are having a blast learning how to be married and STUDENTS! It's proving to be a difficult task but we have fun laughing at all the mistakes we make.

I'm a firm believer that no matter what stage you are at in marriage you need to be constantly dating your spouse! Weather you are newly weds or 85 years old, dating or courting is always important.

So put away the phones, video games, tablets and all other electronics and have some quality time together!

Here is a list of some of our favorite activities that don't break the bank:

Indoor Camping: Open the windows and turn on the fan to make if cold just like outdoors. Turn off the phone, light some candles, make foil dinners and bake them, get all of the s'more fixins out, climb into the tent and let the night take you away. Talk together, maybe do a little more. ;) Share this time and make memories of your own. You won't soon forget!

Go for a Drive: I'm partial to trucks but what ever vehicle you have will suit. Grab a coke and just drive. Take some back roads, even drive through neighborhoods and look at houses you will never be able to afford. Trust me, it's fun just to dream. And these drives sitting next to your sweetheart will spark great feelings and great conversations.

Dance: This may take you back to a favorite date together or your wedding day, either way you will be connected in a very special way. It doesn't matter what song is on or if you have two left feet. We prefer dancing after dinner in our tiny kitchen. It keeps us so close and there is just something about that spontaneity.

Go Dancing: This may be hard for some of you but for us it turned out amazing! I love to dance but my husband is a little shy in that area. He always promised to take me so for valentines he made a promise and the next Saturday we were at a country dance hall. At $4 per person I didn't feel too bad. It included a mini lesson which was helpful. He ended up loving it and we're planning our next time.
Check out this link and maybe find a place to dance around your home: USA Country Dance

Window Shopping: You don't really have to be looking  in the windows but just walking around a mall, preferably an outdoor mall can be very relaxing. Point out shops you like or even people watch. It's surprisingly fun!

Have Lazy Days: We love this. It's usually just a Saturday morning when we can lounge a little. Maybe the morning after your kids are sleeping at grandma's or the neighbors. Take this time to make breakfast and then get back in bed. Laugh together, reminisce about your dating days. Clothes are optional!

Go for a walk: Hand in hand, whether you have the kids with you or not. Just walk together. Let the kids walk ahead a little. This will be great family time, get you family OUTSIDE, and just holding you loves hand will bring you closer.

Read together: This can be before bed or on a Sunday afternoon. Find an interesting article, blog, religious materials, or anything and just read together. It will give you a good chance to discuss the topics and your feelings about things you may have never thought of otherwise.

Go Home Shopping: No, don't call a realtor, I mean for things inside the home. Go to Sears, Home Depot, RC Willey or any other stores and just dream. He will love looking at grills, lawn mowers, and all other things MAN! Then head over to the sofa section and relax on some of your dream seats. I think you will both enjoy the kitchen section with amazing ovens, stoves and dishwashers. Can you tell I love to dream?? Don't get me started on the washer/dryer section. My husband has to drag me out!

Make Dinner: Together! Pick a recipe and have fun sharing the kitchen. Put your husband in charge of parts that he will be great at. Chopping always makes them feel manly! Then maybe light some candles and eat together.

Board Games or Card Games: Get on the floor and play. Maybe invite another couple over and see what fun you can create!  New games and plenty of laughs will make this a repeat night.

Bowling: May get a little expensive but look for deals at your local alley. Sometimes they'll do a weekend date night deal.

TV Series: Find a series you will both like and get watching. You can find a lot of great instant shows on Netflix and you can even get a month free trial. Have fun watching and talking about the show. If you catch up then find out when it plays on TV and make that time a date time. You will look forward to that day every week.

Outdoor Games: You can take the kids for this one of you want. Grab a basketball, Frisbee, croquet set or any of your favorite toys and head to the park. Just have fun and most of all, laugh!

Go swimming: This can always add a little fun or steam to your relationship. Hit a pool that's open late on a week night when it won't be as crowded.
Now for those kids-- I gave you some ideas already but make sure you are getting time alone. Marriage needs constant attention and as your lives get more and more complicated it will start to take a back seat. Make sure that doesn't happen. Your kids will be a constant focus but your marriage should be too.
Tire the kids out during the day you have something planned and put them to bed early. On a weekend make fun beds in a bonus room with lots of blankets, some 'clean' snacks and favorite movies. They may still come running but you will get some time alone.
I know it can get expensive but spring for a babysitter sometimes. And when your oldest gets old enough teach responsibility and helping out by sitting the younger ones often.

The possibilities are endless but you only need to remember one thing! Get some time alone to work on you two and remember why you love each other! Never be afraid to talk about your relationship! Fall in love all over again! And over again and over again!

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