09 April 2012

Yogurt Dots-- Healthy Treat!

I saw this idea on pinterest and have been dying to try it!

What better summer snack can you think of than frozen yogurt dots?

This took about 5 min to prep and was frozen and ready in about an hour.

First, pick out your favorite yogurt flavor. I just told Mike to pick one up that he liked. He chose strawberry and I didn't realize it had small bits of berry until I opened it up to prep. I was worried that it wouldn't work as well but I went ahead and tried. It was GREAT! no problems at all.

Now get out a baking sheet that will fit in your freezer. It needs to be fairly big because we will have a lot of dots.

Scoop your yogurt into a plastic zip baggie. Cut a small hole in the corner.

Now just squeeze dots out onto your sheet. It really doesn't matter how big they are. They don't have to be uniform either.

 My peeling nail polish even matches the yogurt!

Just fill up the sheet and pop them in the freezer. In about an hour they will be frozen perfectly. Scoop them off with a spatula and keep them frozen in a baggie.

This is a perfect treat for this summer when you are dying for something cold and that ice cream is calling your name! Say NO and grab something healthy instead!

Also, your kids will love these. They can help make them and pick out their own flavor!


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