28 May 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #17 -- Emotional Eating

We all have bad days where it seems that nothing will make us feel as good as a bowl of rocky road or a chocolate covered pastry. Turning to these treats is not only bad for our bodies but it's bad for our minds. We think that we can solve our problems through eating rather than excepting the problem and finding a good solution. 

1- When I feel stressed I find making a list of everything I have to do and scheduling it out makes me feel a lot better. If there is too much for one day I can explain to my husband that he needs to take on a few of them. 

2- If I'm dealing with something stressful with others at work or with family I find that saying a quick prayer or just listing all the great things in my life will help. 

3- Drinking a nice cold glass of water and sitting in a room alone for a few minutes can give me the moment I need to collect myself and take on the day. 

4- Keeping a food journal can help you combat unhealthy eating. Think about the times you are eating and ask if you are really hungry or if you are just filling some other need with food! 

5- Focus on your triggers and find a good way to combat those issues. Maybe change your eating environment or the time you eat to make it a more relaxing experience. 

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  1. I'm an emotional NON-eater, which can be just as bad...


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