30 May 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #19 -- Strength Training

Here are the BENIFITS of strength training:

- More muscles = more fat burn! Having stronger muscles will allow your body to burn more fat during the day.
- Increasing strength will give you more balance and coordination.
- Helps avoid injuries!
- Having more lean body mass will increase your metabolism!

This is the amazing weight room that 
my husband lifts in EVERYDAY!

Some key tips are:

1- Learn correct FORM! Strength training can be bad for your body and cause long term damage if you are using incorrect form. Find someone who has experience or talk to a professional trainer to learn the basics. Many gyms will have a trial training session - sign up and ask specific questions about lifts. Also, look at the diagrams on each machine or in various free weight sections for tips on form.

2- As you continue to lift you will need to increase the weight. Make sure you aren't lifting too hard but still challenging yourself! Try a fun challenge by working on a pyramid. Start with a light weight and doing a lot of reps. Keep working up the pyramid gradually increasing the weight and decreasing the reps. 
Reps- 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 
Weight- this will depend on your individual level but start light and get heavier. (The last two reps should be very hard!)

3- Get a basic routine you can work with to get consistent results. Here is a link to find some great ideas.

4- Work different muscle groups on different days.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Upper Body
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Lower Body

5- Make sure you are eating right after your workout. Your body NEEDS that food in order to recover. Waiting just an hour can cause your body to take 2 more days to recover! This is the same with water, if your body doesn't have enough it will not be able to make a speedy recovery!

I personally love strength training and used to do it religiously! What is your favorite part of strength training?


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