29 May 2012

Sponsored Post - Prairie Violet Skin Care

I am so excited to be featuring a great product on my blog today! All of the opinions are 100% mine.

I received a sampler pack from Prairie Violet Skin Care and it came with some awesome products.

Included were:

*Rich Moisturizing Cream*
*Sensitive Skin Balm*
*Body Balm*
*Skin Cooling Cream*
*Tattoo Lotion*

So first off the Rich Moisturizing Cream was so nice. It went on very smooth and was thick giving me the intense moisture I was looking for that lasted for hours.If is a fragrance free but Lucija will add fragrance if you like. She has 6 to choose from!

I also LOVED the Body Balm! If had a really nice scent and again was really nice for a very long time. I wore it on a car ride for a could of hours this weekend and everyone kept saying how nice it smelt!

The Sensitive Skin Balm is supposed to be very good for allergy or eczema prone skin. I don't have either but I know that if would be really good if I did!    

I *wish* I had a good sun burn so I could try out the Skin Cooling Cream but I can only imagine the wonders if would do!

Lucija was great to work with and she was more than willing to give me more info about her products. They were shipped to me very quickly and packaged in a nice box to keep everything safe and secure. She even included little cloth bags to keep her products in!

I would definitely recommend working with  Lucjia and trying out some of her great products! For more information and to purchase her products click here!

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  1. Yes water is so important. A few months ago I worked out twice in one day cardio then weights. I had weird upper arm swelling and went to the Dr and had elevated muscles enzymes so had to get 4 rounds of blood test and no working out for 3 weeks. I am so careful now!


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