14 May 2012

Monday's Moments -- {#4}

Monday's Moments are my favorite time of the week! I love looking at how my last week was a good time with family or friends.

So here are some fun things from this week. 

Healthy: Mike and I are focusing on being more healthy and that is the inspiration for my 30 days 30 healthy decisions. It's been fun for us to work together on this and find ways to make it easier and more enjoyable. I have to say I'm the weaker one but that's the joy of marriage. You get to have support from someone else.

Cooking: I love to cook but we're trying to be healthy and it just seems that everything that it delicious is full of BUTTER! :) We're focusing on lean and healthy dinners and they have been turning out so great! We love the way we can change everything with simple spices. It's amazing the difference you can find when  you get high quality chicken!

Friends: our best friends the Folsom's took off to Boise, my home, to take the MCAT! It's a crazy tough test that you have to take before applying to medical school. I know they were pretty dang nervous so we just wanted to lighten their mood a little. My mom was the greatest and dropped this off at their room.

Mother's Day: I love my mom so much but I just don't get to see her very often. :( This year was different though! My mom came down to Utah and is spending some time with my sisters family and then mine. We went up and met for dinner and it was a blast. When my family gets together it's always a party.

I am so grateful for the great family and friends that I'm so blessed to be around!

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